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Imagine, you’re only doing something for the second time in your life and you beat the record. That’s exactly what happened to Sebastien Roy, when he caught the record burbot in Ontario, Canada.

He knew he had something special, the moment he hooked the massive fish. But, once he had pulled the fish from Lake Simcoe, the reality started to sink in, that this massive fish could quite possibly be a record breaker.

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According to Outdoor Hub, after he caught the fish, Roy and his buddy Steve Rowbathan drove to three different places to verify the weight of the fish. Luckily for them, all three scales confirmed what he already knew, that this beast was a new record. The massive fish weighed in at 17.95-pounds and measured 38 inches long – a humongous fish as far as burbot go.

If he’s this successful after only fishing burbot twice, maybe he should try his hand at playing the lottery.