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The cold open for “Saturday Night Live” centered around presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s pick for vice president.

Chris Christie, played by Bobby Moynihan, is in Trump Towers to make recommendations to Donald Trump, played by Darrell Hammond, on who should be Trump’s veep.

With a few uncomfortable comments, Christie makes it painfully obvious that he is more than eager to be the vice president.

Still, he provides a few options: Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio.

“Oh, little Marco. I can’t ask him to be VP until his parents sign a release form,” Trump comments.

The next picture Christie pulls up is one of himself.

“Oh my — how did this get in here? Now hat is crazy, look at that. Maybe yes? Maybe no?” Christie says.

The following suggestion is Bruce Springsteen, “He’s a God!” Christie screams.

Sadly, when they go through the list of other potential vice president picks, they are said no.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Why doesn’t any one want to be my VP,” Trump complains.

When Chris Christie comments that the person he’s looking for might be in the room, Trump agrees and calls on Ben Carson to fill the role.

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