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I just spat out my coffee, laughing. It’s all over my screen as I write this. This has to be the most hilarious story I’ve come across in a month*.

I’ve never heard of this guy, Jeff Wysaski, but the man is obviously a brilliant humorist and deserves due recognition. Seems Jeff went into a record store (maybe multiple? Do multiple record stores still exist?) and left these sidesplittingly ingenious fake CD cases all over the shelves.

For example:

These are simply incredible. They meet at the crossroads of timely meme and consummate cultural erudition and, to my knowledge, are peerless in the field of fake album covers.

Check out the rest of these brilliant faux albums over at ObviousPlant and Pleated-Jeans, Wysaski’s main endeavors.

(h/t BroBible)

*I’m not kidding. “Frank Sinatra Makes 23 Train Noises?” I’m dying.