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Despite Conor McGregor openly trashing WWE on social media in the past, the wrestling entertainment company has been pretty open in its courtship of the UFC star and the two parties have been in talks regarding a potential McGregor appearance at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida. on April 2.

According to a Sun News source though, McGregor apparently turned down a massive offer to appear at the WWE’s flagship event.

“WWE has made no secret of its desire to do something with Conor McGregor and there were talks between the two parties about this year,” the source said. “Because he’s taking time off from the UFC, there was a talk about doing something at this year’s Wrestlemania in April, but it wasn’t to be despite a hefty offer.”

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McGregor has yet to openly put a kibosh on the deal, and just last Saturday, remained optimistic about the possibility of working with WWE.

“Never say never. I know there’s been conversations,” McGregor said in an interview with Fox Sports. “I know Triple H was at the show [UFC 205]. I’d love to go to that WWE and have a real knock. Let one of them have a real knock and see what’s what. We’ll see. There’s conversations ongoing. I’ve turned down some things, conversations still ongoing.”

As the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative, Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, is eager to make McGregor a WWE star.

“He could come over, he’s got it all, man,” he said in an interview with the Telegraph. “He’s got the personality, the skills, the talk. He’s an entertainer, for sure. He could do just as well as Floyd Mayweather when he fought the Big Show.”

Speaking of Floyd Mayweather, the outspoken boxer seems to be all that’s on McGregor’s mind as they continue to try and hash out a potential fight night. Once that gets nipped in the bud, then McGregor will most likely set his sights on a WWE run.

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