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In today’s society, you’d think people would learn to adhere to any and all orders given by police, especially with all that could go wrong if they ignore those orders

According to LiveLeak, a Seattle, WA police officer was responding to a call of a possible domestic disturbance, when he came upon a man standing over a female.

The officer announced himself and approached the couple. The female started to walk away as the officer began questioning the male and walking him towards the cruiser.

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When out of nowhere, the woman came running at the man. The cop gave multiple verbal warnings for her to stop but she kept moving forward.

She quickly learned she’d made a huge mistake, as the officer struck her and put her on the ground. He then picked her up and held both suspects until back-up arrived within a matter of seconds.

This should serve as a lesson for all. Do as the police tell you and most likely you won’t get hit and knocked to the ground.