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This guy is a glutton for punishment — in more ways that one.

See if you can follow this one.

A convicted felon turned bail bondsman who is living under an assumed name has been accused of bigamy because he was married to a 43-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter at the same time.

Yes, that’s a mouthful.

Christopher Buckley, 44, faces firearm and bigamy charges in Pennsylvania., according to the Northumberland County DA’s office

The trouble started this past summer when Buckley, going by the name of Christopher Hauptmann, applied for a concealed carry permit. A sheriff’s deputy noticed he looked like a convicted drug dealer from New Jersey, and the hunch turned out to be right, the TV station reported.

Investigators then realized he married a 43-year-old woman (Shannon) in 2015 and then her daughter (Kaylee) a year later — and never got divorced.

Shannon told the Daily Mail she believes the affair started when all three of them lived in the family home. She told the Daily Mail she was devastated by the affair, and remains taunted by the pair since they only live a mile away.

Kaylee refused to comment to the Daily Mail.

As odd as it seems, there’s more. Authorities are investigating whether Buckley has more aliases — and wives.

He’s being held on $300,000 bond.

The Northumberland County DA’s office, on it’s Facebook page, provided a more detailed synopsis of the case.