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A Florida woman has been arrested after deputies say she was drunk while topless, with her jeans unbuttoned and lowered to her thighs, during a traffic stop.

Then, there’s also the part in which she allegedly offered to have sex with an officer.

Jamie Schmude, 30, was arrested for driving under the influence after a traffic crash, according to TC Palm.

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Schmude’s car reeked of alcohol, according to officers, and she was taken to a hospital. Once there, she belched loudly and didn’t now where she was. At one point, she called a deputy the “sexiest thing I’ve seen,” and offered to perform a sex act on him.

She then bit her lower lip, moaned and, while staring at the deputy, put her hands in her between her legs, according to the report.

After she was taken to jail, she admitted she had a lot to drink, according to the report.