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With only nine days left until this year’s Royal Rumble, we continue our countdown with some of the biggest fails in Rumble history.

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Sure, it’s great to remember the most iconic moments from Royal Rumbles past, but there’s nothing like having a good laugh over the Rumble’s biggest flubs. Like the time Santino Marella broke the record for the quickest elimination back in 2009 when he was knocked out of the ring after only 1.9 seconds of entry by Kane. Santino saying “I wasn’t ready” over and over again will never not be funny.

Then there’s the time The Hurricane though he could take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H all by himself. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for him. And you can’t forget the big shocker during Royal Rumble 2002 when newcomer Maven eliminated The Undertaker.

Some people forget that Drew Carey, yeah that Drew Carey, was in the Royal Rumble several years back. But we don’t. What a hilarious moment that was.

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