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With Sunday fast approaching, many are speculating as to what surprise returns will go down at this year’s Royal Rumble. There have been rumblings of¬†Kurt Angle¬†making his return following the news of his Hall of Fame induction, while there are even whispers of Hulk Hogan himself showing up to the match.

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This got us thinking back on some of the most shocking Royal Rumble returns of all time. Who can forget the ridiculous pops when crowd favorites like Rob van Dam and Mick Foley had their numbers called? Or the look of disbelief on Cody Rhodes’ face when his brother Goldust’s music played?

Then there’s always the time Edge made his return at Royal Rumble 2010, and with spear after spear, ended up winning the whole thing.

Absolutely electric.

And then, for nostalgia’s sake, we can’t help but remember when the late and greats Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka came back for Royal Rumble 2008.

Who do you think will make a return at this year’s Rumble?

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