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In our countdown to Sunday’s Royal Rumble, we’ve covered both photo finishes and defying the odds despite early draws, but in Shawn Michaels’ Royal Rumble victory in 1995, he dealt with both to ultimately walk away the champion.

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Going into the match, Michaels had the unfortunate luck of drawing the number one spot, which considering that there are 30 competitors, it didn’t exactly bode well for the Heartbreak Kid. But somehow, some way, Michaels and British Bulldog, who had entered at number two, ended up being the last two standing.

It was the way Michaels won, though, that really had everyone talking, as he was somehow able to avoid elimination by allowing only one foot to touch the floor, before coming back into the ring and knocking British Bulldog out.

Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable moments of Michaels’ career.

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