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On Sunday, The Undertaker will make his 11th Royal Rumble appearance (his first appearance since 2009), and since many are predicting The Phenom to win the whole thing and earn a championship match at Wrestlemania, it’s only fitting that we look back on his first Rumble victory from back in 2007 where he bested Shawn Michaels in an epic final showdown.

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Despite entering the match at number 30, ‘Taker had his work cut out for him with the Heartbreak Kid giving him every he had, but ultimately, the Deadman proved too dominant, withstanding Sweet Chin Music and avoiding a second one before tossing Michaels over the top rope.

The Undertaker’s victory earned him a World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 23 against the then-champion Batista, who ‘Taker ended up besting for the title.

Do you think The Undertaker has what it takes to rack up his second Royal Rumble win this Sunday?

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