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It seems as if this fella bit off a little more than he could chew when he tried to touch this woman in an elevator.

The lady was minding her own business, her eyes glued to her cell phone, when this shady character peeked over her shoulder. She moved away–but he tried again, this time putting his hand on her shoulder.

Bad move.

This woman turned out to be his biggest nightmare.

She unleashed a flurry of attacks including an elbow to the head, a slap to the face, a kick below the belt, and to top it off, she grabbed his head as if she were putting him in a clench and kneed him, MMA style.

That would make some sense. According to the YouTube video, the woman is the girlfriend of Xu Yan, a Chinese kick boxing champion.

I have a feeling this guy will think twice before he tries to pounce upon any other unsuspecting women.