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While on a fishing trip late last week, two Croatian fisherman caught one of the most massive stingrays we’ve ever seen, a few miles off the coast of the small island of Glavat, which is located on the southern Dalmatian coast.

The fisherman, Marko and Andrija, who were on board Marko’s boat, were out wandering at a depth of roughly 520 feet, when they hauled in this rare catch.

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According to Croatia Week, the stingray measured in at 12-feet long and seven-feet wide. They estimated that it weighed between 550-700 pounds. This was merely an estimate, because the scale they used maxed out at 440 pounds. Typically in this region, anything larger than 6-9 feet is considered rare in the Adriatic Sea.

It was definitely a catch of a lifetime. We couldn’t imagine what we’d do with a ray that size.