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When dad found a bottle of whiskey in his daughter’s sock drawer, he sent her one epic video message using modern technology.

“Hey, when you get home, I’d like to talk to you about this,” he said while holding up an almost empty bottle of Fireball.

Like any parent, he felt confident in addressing the issue in an attempt to discipline his daughter, even while she was away. But unlike most, he took a nontraditional approach by using sarcasm.

“I don’t know if this [is] something that fell out of a sock because it was in your sock drawer,” he said.

He then mentioned a potential whiskey-burglar in the neighborhood, who could have likely been the culprit.

“We heard a news report of people breaking in houses and hiding whiskey bottles,” he said. “So, if that’s the case, then we need to contact the police.”

Before saying “Love you girl” and “Bye,” dad gave his daughter a one-time chance to explain what really happened. So, she explained it on Twitter.

The tweet read:

“soooooo my parents found this bottle I was hiding in my room and this happened……”

It looks like dad got the answer he wanted. No harm. No yelling. Just straight sarcastic parenting.

Lauren Grose |