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After several months in court, a decision has been made regarding the murder charges facing pro-wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

On Tuesday, a Lehigh County (Pa.) judge announced that the charges against Snuka will be dropped after determinations that Snuka was not competent to stand trial.

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Snuka’s defense cited head trauma he received in the ring to the deterioration of his brain, eventually saying that Snuka would not be competent to assist in his defense. The murder charges were not dropped after that time, but after more revelations that Snuka is in hospice care and potentially only has six months to live, it appears the charges have been dropped altogether.

Snuka was facing murder charges of the 1983 death of his then girlfriend Nancy Argentino. Argentino’s cause of death was ruled to be from traumatic brain injuries, and she died in a hospital after an ambulance was called to a hotel where she and Snuka were staying. No charges were pressed at the time, but Snuka was charged nearly 30 years afterwards.

Snuka was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996, and his last major appearance with WWE was at WrestleMania in 2009 in a match against Chris Jericho.