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Michelle Collins is leaving “The View” on good terms.

Earlier this month, news broke that Collins would not be returning to the roundtable in the next season. In January, Collins’ appearances were cut to just two days a week after she apparently upset executives by turning some of the Hot Topic discussions to stories about herself and personal asides.

It also didn’t help that she was involved in not one, but two controversies in the one season she was on the show. The first happened in October, when “The View” lost advertisers after she criticized nurses and the second happened after she made fun of Carly Fiorina’s face.

But, Collins has clearly put all of the drama behind her and is ending her time with “The View” on a positive note.

On Friday, Collins took to Instagram with her “first official statement.”

My very first official statement #chic

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“Well, the news is out: I’m leaving “The View.” Yes, I’m officially the newest member of the “One Seasoner” club, the latest graduate of talk show boot camp, ending what has been, simply put, the most surreal and fabulous year of my life,” she wrote and thanked everyone on the show. “Special thanks to Whoopi [Goldberg] for always having my back and, you know, being an icon.”

She went on to thank fans for all of their support.

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