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For those of you wondering about the R rating of the upcoming Logan film (the cinematic take on the ex-canon Old Man Logan Marvel Comics story line), look no further. Yeah, I know the major trailers weren’t gory or filled with profane language—presumably so the cast and crew of the film could drop little tidbits on their own via social media (a pretty ingenious viral marketing tactic, if you ask me). And that’s just what director James Mangold did this morning. Have a look for yourself:

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What you’re seeing there is “found footage” of 11-year-old Laura Kinney, aka X-23, being surgically transformed and psychologically conditioned by whatever the follow-up to the Weapon X project is. Per UPROXX:

[T]his piece of viral marketing shows “home footage” of Laura Kinney’s transformation from young girl to damaged government weapon in less than a minute. I’m not going to lie; the footage is difficult to watch. I have kids and my hands itched to reach through the screen and rescue X-23 from a life of experimentation. The video also hammers home why Logan received an R-rating from the MPAA. Taking an adult human male like Logan (Hugh Jackman) and performing inhumane experiments on him is one thing; watching violence happen to an 11-year-old is something comic book movies have shied away from up until now.

With the March 1st release of Logan closing in, this sort of marketing stunt couldn’t have possibly come at a better time. My bet is fans are stoked. Sure, they’ve seen Wolverine’s transformation in a few X-movies, and they’ve likely seen Laura’s in the pages of Marvel Comics, but they’ve never seen a live-action adaptation of it. Creepy stuff, but it makes the prospect of the movie itself all the more alluring.

(h/t UPROXX)