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If you’ve watched the Disney Channel recently (which, if you’re older than like 13, I’m not sure why you would have, but hey, to each their own), you may recognize Dove Cameron as the star of the TV show Liv and Maddie and Disney movies Cloud 9 and Descendants. 

So yeah, odds are most of you are probably not familiar with her, but the 21-year-old Disney star’s recent pin-up themed photo shoot for Galore should definitely be enough to get your attention.

gettin jacked bruh @galore

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plotting 🙃@galore

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That’s some Marilyn Monroe type stuff right there.

It looks like Dove will most likely be sticking around the Disney Channel for quite some time now, unless she makes it to Broadway sometime soon. Well, wherever her career path ends up taking her, we hope she keeps those photo shoots coming.

she sure didn't sound like a blonde on the telephone

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"sometimes I think, I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel" -Sanober Khan

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waking up early on a weekend like

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