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With John Wick: Chapter 2 about to drop the second installment of the now-famed eponymous franchise featuring (and we’re not kidding) Keanu Reeves’ absolutely sublime acting, we’ve been treated to an equally sublime parody showcasing a very, very good dog. Who’s a good dog? You are, Dog Wick.

Per UPROXX’s description:

…this short parody video is a blessing to the internet that is also a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the second John Wick installment. It goes so far as to even deftly match some of the same cinematography decisions as a real John Wick movie, even though naturally the lead actor’s hair here isn’t as smooth and flowing as Keanu Reeves. He shouldn’t feel bad though, as that’s impossible. There’s John Wick’s death with his dog at his side (instead of how the opposite happens in the movie), the dog blowing up his dog house as a trap for the assassins chasing him, and even a gravestone that says “John Wick: He Loved His Dog.”

Wow. Just, wow. We strongly recommend checking out Dog Wick as soon as you possibly can. I mean, he’s a very good dog.

(h/t UPROXX)