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Size hardly ever matters in life but don’t tell the smaller guy that from this video.

For whatever reason this drunk man is bothering the shorter guy at a laundromat, which prompts him to warn him, several times, not to touch him.

After a largely inaudible exchange (the shorter guy plays translator) in which the drunk claims he will “bury” the little guy among other expletives, the drunk makes a grave mistake in not following directions and gets KO’d.

I love seeing bully’s get knocked out, but you can’t really consider this drunk a bully. The guy¬†sounds like he had a mouth full of peanut butter. Though he was clearly aggressive, he was at a clear disadvantage.

To be truthful, the shorter guy was a bit of a jerk for egging it on and not taking the high road.

But if he was warned once, he was warned 1,000 times

[h/t Mirror]