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There are some pretty disastrous and cowardly ways to break-up with someone and this has to be at the top of the list.

Just a few days before Christmas, a fella thought it would be a great idea to break off his engagement with his now ex-fiancé. But wait, it get’s worse…he did it via text message.

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She’s the one that got the last laugh. This past Monday she attended the Cowboys vs. Lions Monday night game, holding a sign that read:

“My fiance dumped me in a text a message. he should have waited until after Christmas.”#nothingincommon #ESPN #MNF

It appears that she bought the tickets as a gift for him for Christmas, so not only did he lose his chick, he missed out on Monday Night Football.

If he didn’t feel bad before, he definitely should now. Especially, after countless people have taken to social media to let him know how huge of a mistake he made.