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Newly single University of Central Florida student Nick Lutz is probably living it up right now after going viral on Twitter a few days ago. His ex-girlfriend? Eh, not so much.

See, Mr. Lutz went full-on high school English teacher, took a red pen to his ex’s handwritten (and rambling, and verbose) letter, giving the contrived, contrite missive a 61 out of 100. That, friends, is a D-.

Per BroBible:

The ex-girlfriend wrote a wordy and rambling letter in an attempt to get in good graces with Mr. Lutz. Not only is Mr. Lutz not taking your groveling ass back, but he is also putting you on blast by pointing out your shitty grammar including your superfluous commas and dangling modifiers.

[The tweet] immediately went viral, garnering over 104,000 RTs and more than 308,000 Likes.

She wrote, “I never cheated on you.” Nick marked this sentence with, “Strong statement. No supporting details to support your hypothesis.”


Lutz did—in addition to cementing himself as the man when it comes to only-kinda-petty-but-mostly-harsh ex-girlfriend-apology-letter internet burns—get the attention of a lady on Twitter, and after a bit of flirting, they agreed to go on a date.


The woman’s Twitter bio reveals she’s a copywriter, which must be why she appreciates this editorial beatdown enough to ask bro from UCF, whom she’s never met, to lunch via social media. Hey, at least if she ends up writing Nick Lutz an apology letter, it’ll probably get a much better grade.

(h/t BroBible)