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I’m not quite sure what set this fella off but the dude in the cowboy hat made a huge mistake.

After what appeared to be a verbal altercation with a group of people, the cowboy hauled off and sucker punched a guy sitting down at a picnic table—Huge mistake!

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He was rushed by an angry mob of bystanders, which should’ve been enough for him to call it quits. But he didn’t so he endured another attack by the vicious mob, taking his second loss.

This dude is a real glutton for punishment because for some reason he kicked up some more dust, which really upset the crowd.

Finally, the cowboy hat wearing punching bag was rescued by a police officer. The officer ordered the others to the ground when cowboy hauled off and kicked a chick in the face. He was quickly tackled by the cop, giving him his fourth whomping of the day.

One would think he would’ve learned his lesson much sooner.