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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, some people are on the hunt for a last minute date. But, one fella has increased his odds dramatically, after creating his own Tinder-like dating app. The kicker? He’s the only man available on the app.

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We’re not upset with the brilliant man for coming up with this amazing plan, we’re just upset we didn’t think of it first. According to Men’s Health, he’s also the genius behind a few novels that aren’t quite on the best-selling list. In fact, we’re unsure if they’re actually novels, more like novelty books.

One is aptly titled Fifty Shades Of Gray, which contains 200 pages, all of them blank, and ranging from light to dark gray. Get it? He’s also the mind behind the book titled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, and he strikes again with 200 blank pages. Because to be honest, that’s pretty much all we think about. Well, that and food.