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The crazy cuisine to come out of California is generally hit or miss (*cough*Β Hot Cheeto sushi burrito *cough*). But DUI fries? Now those are a certified grand slam.

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According to Foodbeast, DUI Fries were invented byΒ Jim Pantazis, owner of Dino’s Chicken and Burgers, about 10 years ago. Oh, and DUI isn’t referring to what you think it is.

“It’s not driving under the influence, it’s Dino’s Ultimate Invention,” Pantazis told Foodbeast. “We thought, ‘What can we make β€” something to give the customers their money’s worth?'”

And how did he go about giving customers their money’s worth? Well, he took chili cheese fries and covered them with a whole bunch of available meat. Sounds like heaven on a plate, doesn’t it?

It turns out that the idea ending up spreading throughout restaurants in southern California and now a whole bunch of places offer DUI Fries, or some iteration of it, as a secret menu item.

We’re salivating just look at all these Instagram pictures…

These fries are untethered.

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