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Mahmoud ElAwadi is a Muslim American living in Florida.

He’s also in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan, in which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset in the Muslim faith.

Despite the strain fasting can have on the body, ElAwadi showed up at an Orlando blood bank on Sunday afternoon to donate to those injured in Orlando at the Pulse night club early Sunday morning.

Mahmoud posted a photo about it on Facebook.

“Yes I donated blood even though I can’t eat or drink anything cause I’m fasting in our holy month Ramadan just like hundreds of other Muslims who donated today here in Orlando,” he wrote.

“Yes this is the greatest nation on earth watching people from different a ages including kids volunteering to give water , juice , food , umbrellas , sun block. Also watching our old veterans coming to donate And next to them Muslim women in hijab carrying food and water to donors standing in line .

“Yes together we will stand against hate , terrorism , extremism and racism,” he added.

Read the entire post here.

After news broke of Sunday’s attack, which killed 49 people, it was revealed that, mid-massacre, the shooter pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The Islamic State later claimed responsibility.

Days later, it was also revealed that the shooter, Omar Mateen, had been a regular at Pulse, an LGBT club, for nearly three years.

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