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It’s no big surprise that this actor is one of the biggest and baddest looking dudes around. But, what did is a surprise is the amount of food he eats with each meal.

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, took to Instagram to share a pic of his “cheat day” meal, but before we get into that, we’ll highlight a typical meal for the actor.

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According to Muscle and Fitness the former college football player and WWE champion eats about 10 pounds of food every day. His seven meals, yes seven, consist of over two pounds of cod, 12 eggs, steak, and chicken. If that wasn’t enough, he adds two potatoes, vegetables, and a whole lot of rice.

So it is well deserved for the 42-year-old to treat himself to eight slices of sourdough french toast, topped with apple pie. Yes, apple pie can be a topping if you’re The Rock.