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If there was ever a reason to follow the WWE, Eva Marie just gave us two.

Clearly, Marie’s wardrobe malfunction , right before her SmackDown Live match Tuesday with Becky Lynch, was scripted. Nevertheless, it’s good writing and falls right in line with the brand of  melodrama she’s known for.

Last week, the red-haired (or whatever unusual shade of fire that is) hottie injured her leg during her theatrical rope-jumping entrance, and was unable to fight.

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She outdid herself this week though, when her top mysteriously undid itself. The ref had to interrupt the peepshow with a towel for makeshift cover and led Marie to exit the ring. Wrestler Alexa Bliss took her place, but, not to be outdone, Marie re-entered the ring as Lynch and Bliss were mixing it up, causing a diversion that gave Bliss the win.

All about as believable as the cow jumping over the moon. Then again, you don’t read Playboy for enlightenment and certainly aren’t watching WWE for the realistic story lines.