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A single mom previously identified as Estella Havisham on Facebook and now going by Heidi Johnson has received much applause in recent days for the letter she wrote her son Aaron, who seemed to have forgotten his roots after a small amount of business success.

It seems the 13-year-old forgot who was in charge of the household and had made it abundantly clear that he was independent and  making his own money. Estella — or Heidi, if you prefer — took that into consideration when she confiscated everything she purchased for her son, including clothes, toys and bed linens while he was out.

She left this rental agreement on the door that states he may buy or rent his belongings and pay his way for his use of electricity, internet and food on top of his usual chores.


“Mama’s done playing games being a doormat.” She wrote in the original post which has now been updated with Aaron’s reaction.

In the update, she writes that the lesson has been a “work in progress” as Aaron is starting to do his chores and his slowly earning his toys back.

The mother also wrote a follow-up letter explaining her thought process.

Many viewed this story as “tough love” at its finest.