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Professional golf coach Ryan Rustand (a.k.a. Coach Rusty) is the real deal when it comes to the game of golf.

A graduate of the Golf Academy of America-Orlando, Rustand says trick shots are his way of showing just how much he learned during his time there.

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For this particular trick, Rusty starts out with some serious juggling, before going on to knock the ball back to an accomplice, who then catapults his way above Coach Rusty by way of trampoline and then drops the ball for a perfect fairway drive courtesy of our man Rusty.

We’re pretty certain this took some serious practice, but who knows, this could’ve been the first take. Either way, it’s one of the most fascinating shots we’ve ever seen.

If you enjoyed this, check out some of Rusty’s other gnarly moves.

WAIT FOR THE SICK FINISH. 😡We can't all be like @holein1trickshots 😂 #startingtheyearoffright @callawaygolf

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