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This is one of the more twisted tales you’ll read.

A divorced teacher and mother of two tailored her “bucket list” to include some sick and twisted ambitions—sex with teenage students because she liked them young.

Michelle Mellinger was sentenced to between 11 and 23 months in prison and a year of house arrest for having sex with five students — and trying to seduce a sixth — while she was a special education teaching assistant at McKeesport High School, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Mellinger, 49, of White Oak, plead guilty to five counts of institutional sexual assault and statutory sexual assault and one count of attempted assault in March. She was also required to register as a sex offender for life.

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In a disturbing twist, Mellinger’s ex-husband, William Mellinger, was charged with molesting three girls in March, according to the report. Officials said the two cases are unrelated.

Prosecutors said the incidents involving Michelle Mellinger began in June of 2013 and continued until February of 2015. She approached one 11th-grade student, asking if he’d seen the movie “Bucket List.” Mellinger then explained the film and told him that he was on her bucket list. She ultimately took the student home and had sex with him, according to prosecutors. Mellinger reportedly arranged multiple sexual encounters with other students at her apartment, one of them younger than 16. Other students reportedly heard about Mellinger’s desires and contacted her after getting her phone number from other victims.

In a text to one of her victims, Mellinger referred to herself as a pedophile: “Wow, you look amazing. I just became a pedophile.” On another occasion, she told a student, “I prefer younger people to older people.”  Paula Whisner, one of Mellinger’s neighbors, said at the time of the arrest, that she had seen young people going in and out of the apartment but assumed they were visiting Mellinger’s children.

Police said the charges came to light when a staff member overheard students talking about Mellinger, according to the report. School officials then notified police and placed Mellinger on leave, banning her from the campus. Mellinger, a mother of teenage sons herself, said alcohol was to blame for the two year period during which she had sex with the underage students. Mellinger was also reportedly barred from having any contact with minors, including her two sons, until the court approves it.