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As an avid fisherman and fishing guide, Capt. Eddie Berthelot Jr. has caught more than few fish in his day. And by more than a few, we mean probably more like a few thousand. But this most recent catch is one he won’t soon forget.

A typical leopard redfish has a single black spot which acts as an eye to strike fear into potential predators. But this was no ordinary redfish. It was, in fact, genetically mutated and had not one or two, but an estimated 670 black spots.

Berhtelot Jr. had been waiting for a prized redfish to mount on his wall and immediately after hooking this one, he knew he’d found his mount.

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According to Louisiana Sportsman, Berhtelot caught the 28 ½-inch fish with a live cocahoe minnow on a kahle hook under a popping cork.

“That was the only thing they were touching that morning, as cold as it was,” he said.

He then went on to share more of his experience:

“It was a super low tide, with the wind blowing out and no water,” Berthelot said. “The duck ponds we normally fish were actually dry. We found an old pipeline canal with an old dam in it that usually holds 2 or 3 feet of water.

“It was like fishing in an aquarium.”

It was without a doubt a rare find and a catch of a lifetime. Luckily, Berthelot was able to share it for all to see.