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Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has gotten a lot of attention for his national anthem protest this year. Instead of standing during the anthem, he takes a knee, protesting what he believes to be unfair treatment of minorities.

Then, there’s this, one of the more striking moments of 2016.

On Veteran’s Day, at the St. Louis Blues hickey game, 19,000 people showed pride in their country when they stood and sang the anthem. ┬áBefore they began, they heard a message that included:

“Whether you bleed blue or wear the red, regardless of your political affiliation, we ask you to show your pride in both being an American and your pride and appreciation for all of our veterans.”

Did they ever. Now, fans sing the anthem all the time, but an entire stadium full of people doing so in unison sends chills up your spine.