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On January 20th, millions will tune in to watch Donald Trump be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Now, whether you proudly wave the Trump flag or think he’s the worst thing since unsliced bread, there are a lot of questions going into his presidency that have yet to be answered. Somewhere on that long list of questions, probably closer to the bottom, is this head scratcher: Will he be able to rouse the country if it ever found itself in the middle of an alien invasion?

Hopefully, that’s not something that needs to be addressed any time soon, but it’s a question nonetheless. Could he get the job done if need be?

Who knows? But someone can and someone did and that’s President Thomas J. Whitmore from the riveting sci-fi motion picture “Independence Day.”

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If you don’t get chills listening to one of the best speeches in movie history, then you’re just flat-out wrong. This, right here, is two full minutes of pure America and nothing said, done or sang on Inauguration Day can top that.
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