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Kelly Osbourne has had enough about everyone talking about her parents’ relationship.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Osbourne has decided to open up about the state of her mother and father’s relationship.

“My mom and dad are together right now,” she told The Insider at a Babes for Boobs auction. PEOPLE reports that while it’s unclear if Osbourne was serious about her statement, she told them that her mother was in London supporting her father while he is on tour.

Osbourne has apparently adopted a forgive and forget attitude when it comes to rumors about her father.

“I will never not be good with my dad,” she said. “That does not mean that I think what he did wasn’t fucking stupid, but that’s between him and I. I’m a daddy’s girl. I love my dad.”

Rumors about the state of Sharon and Ozzy’s marriage have been swirling since April when news broke that Sharon had kicked Ozzy out of their home after finding out that he had been allegedly cheating on her.

Last month, Kelly Osbourne released some of her wrath on the alleged mistress when she tweeted, “Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blow out and a blowjob, call….” along with a phone number that possibly belonged to the woman.

The tweet has since been deleted.

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