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As far as we know, Victoria Bonya is not a Russian spy. But the 37-year-old former Playboy model was allegedly suspected of being one when she was detained at LAX by TSA agents over the weekend.

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Bonya claimed that TSA agents started asking her all sorts of Russia-themed questions after they found a business card for Spy-Land, a company that specializes in hidden cameras, on her person. The model recounted the incident via Instagram caption.“Instead of asking some real questions, the officer decided to talk about our president [Vladimir Putin],” she wrote.

“Finding out everything about my position, he started talking about the KGB,” she added. “I started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke, until they asked me the same thing for a third time!’’

“It was a big shock! I thought that was it and that they will deport me asap.”

Though originally from Russia, Bonya has been living in Monaco since 2012. Not exactly the most ideal front for a Russian spy, but just consider this: Donald Trump loves models. Trump is (probably) best friends with Vladmir Putin. Putin is from Russia. Victoria Bonya is both a model and originally from Russia. Hmmmm….the pieces are all starting to fall into place.

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