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This poor guy is in some kind of pain. I mean, wouldn’t you be if someone used a razor to slice open your face?

That’s what happened her in the aptly titled, “Exorcism of Aaron.” It’s less an exorcism and more of treating his face like she’s slicing into meat at a deli, but why quibble? The bottom line is, he really needed a doctor to  look and at this and treat it, and instead decided to go the painful route.

The girlfriend even notes, on Youtube, that this isn’t a good idea:

With VERY few exceptions, procedures like this should be performed by a medical professional. Due to extenuating circumstances, that was not possible in this situation. However, I must still advise that viewers with similar dermatological concerns immediately consult with a doctor and do not try this at home.

I mean, look at his expression right after the first squeeze releases a stream of stuff out at the camera. He should be feeling relief, not agony.

Next time, a doctor, dude.