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If it were possible to pick a Super Bowl winner simply from looking at the coach’s daughter, then we’d go ahead and crown the Green Bay Packers as champions. Head coach Mike McCarthy’s daughter Alex Noel is a total babe, and she’s easily got our vote for MVP.

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The 25-year-old currently lives in Los Angeles, where she works as an actress.

To get a better read on Alex Noel, we naturally had to do more research. So we did what we usually do in such a situation and went straight to the Instagram account, where we gleaned two things: she’s hot and she likes beer.

We’d say those were some pretty solid findings.

What? No, this is natural — I just ate a red popsicle❣️

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Close enough to my birthday suit. 👙🚨

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Mickey made me 🐭.

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Lookin back on a great weekend in Malibooty (you feel me?). 🦀🍑🇺🇸 #mdw16

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Really milking this choker trend 🍼🤘🏼💠 #iceicebaby

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Oh, and in case you’re wondering where she gets her looks from, it’s most definitely from mom. Take a look back at Mrs. McCarthy from back in the day. Wow!