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It’s no secret that Rob Gronkowski will go down as one of the most righteous partiers of all time.

Fresh off back surgery, Gronk did his duty.

But it’s even better than this.

Less than a week after his quarterback Tom Brady put the icing on the cake that is his career, winning more Super Bowls than anyone else, Gronk cemented his party boy legacy by drinking Rick Ross under the table.

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Ross revealed on the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast the he couldn’t keep up with Gronk while raging after Super Bowl LI.

When you realize you forgot to close the garage door

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He puked his guts out while Gronk stayed on the rampage at Foxwoods.

When Gronk takes your cellphone

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Ross opened the podcast with the anecdote.

The feat occurred a mere week after it was revealed Gronk has been saying “69” since he was three years old.

Rob told me he’s been saying ’69’ since he was a little kid and I thought that was a total exaggeration. He goes, ‘Ask my mom.’ I said, Fine, I’ll ask your mom.’ His mom came over, I asked his mom, and she said he’s been saying ’69’ since he was 3 years old. This isn’t a new thing. This has been going on and on.

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