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You ever wake up in LA in and think you’re in San Francisco, or go to Toronto and try to see the sights of Montreal? If so, you might be a member of the Guns N’ Roses road crew.

A couple days ago, the band was gearing up to play Melbourne as part of the Aussie leg of their “Not In This Lifetime” tour when, according to Maxim:

As the veteran rockers walked onstage, their guitar technician yelled “Sydney!” while introducing the band. Guns N’ Roses was promptly booed by the Melbourne audience, which was already pissed that the band arrived late.

Some may not realize there is more than one city in Australia, but this remains a colossal screw up for two reasons: this is pretty much a traveling band’s worst nightmare; Melbourne and Sydney—Australia’s two largest cities—have a long-running rivalry.

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Apparently, a roadie named McBob (great name) forgot which city the band was in. I might have limited touring experience (Warped Tour 2010, yeah!) but in my humble opinion, this screw up is forgivable for two reasons:

  1. If I spent 30 years on the road with GNR, I’d be too shot out to remember where I was, too. Or I’d be dead. More likely the latter than the former.
  2. This was a roadie-related error. Presumably, Axl, Slash, N’ company remembered where they were.

Best of luck to the GNR boys in completing their world tour. Will I ever, after Velvet Revolver and Axl Rose’s conniption over a meme, be able to respect the band again? Not in this lifetime.

(h/t Maxim)

PS. Free McBob.