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Everybody at one time or another has embarrassed themselves while trying to get noticed by a potential love interest, but thankfully most of us have the privilege of these things never being recorded, so some of our most cringeworthy screw-ups can be easily lied about or downplayed.

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One badass in his own mind (BIHOM) wasn’t so lucky and ended up seriously hurting himself. The BIHOM in question can be seen laying down on the rail of a descending escalator across from an attractive woman who was for some reason lifting up her skirt.

YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment
YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment

The BIHOM in his natural habitat sprung into action. In an apparent attempt to impress this nice lady with his escalator-surfing “skills,” the BIHOM fell off of the rail and onto the hard floor below.

You can almost detect “look how cool I am” on his face.

YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment
YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment

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“That’s gotta hurt” would be an understatement here as the BIHOM broke his right arm and his pride simultaneously. This is the face she was making before he fell and the face we were making after he did.

YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment
YouTube/Hip Hop Entertainment

So, it’s back to the drawing board for this guy, though that might be useless if he’s right-handed.

Sorry, man.

(H/t Maxim)

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