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I’m not sure what this guy was thinking, or if he was thinking at all because he does this stuff for a living.

The host of YouTube’s Brave Wilderness Coyote Peterson is one wild and crazy individual, simply for some of the stunts he attempts on the show.

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This stunt might very well take the cake. He thought it was a good idea to allow a bullet ant to sting him in his arm. Mind you, a sting from this insect is supposedly worse than any other insect, including the sting of a tarantula hawk wasp.

The bullet ant looks like an ant mated with a scorpion/tarantula hybrid and the result was the meanest looking ant you’ve ever seen.

Roughly at the 13:00 mark he entered the point of no return when the stinger made impact with his skin. Immediately you could see the regret on Coyote’s face but there was nothing he could do. He claims it was the worst pain he’s felt from an insect, even worse than the tarantula hawk wasp.