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You probably know people who are always encouraging you to be more adventurous. Usually it starts out gradually with things like ordering seafood when you usually order steak or going on a spontaneous trip to Vegas for the weekend.

Well, ice-water-in-his-veins Connor skipped the whole introductory phase of being more adventurous and went straight balls-to-the-wall by landing a plane without any experience whatsoever.

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The flying newbie didn’t even get the luxury of figuring things out during takeoff, as his experienced pilot friend had him blindfolded until they reached cruising altitude.

Listening to Connor talk himself through his situation without any sort of guidance was even nerve-wracking for us, and we weren’t the ones flying. Impressively, he ended up figuring things out and pulled off a pretty decent landing. Not bad for someone with zero experience. But let’s not graduate him to flying commercial anytime soon.

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