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An unusual intruder tried breaking into a house in Nonthaburi, Thailand on Sunday.

Attanai Thaiyuanwong came home to find a massive monitor lizard trying to get in. As you can see the giant creature was standing up on its two hind legs with its neck and mouth close to the door knob.

Video posted to his Facebook page shows the encounter between the man’s family and the lizard while you can hear a dog continuously barking in the background. They try multiple ways to try and get a hold of the beast and start screaming.

According to Mashable, and a translation by Coconuts Bangkok, the man spoke in Thai and said, “Hia is in our house. It’s f***ing huge!”

In Thai, the lizard is called Tua Ngern Tua Thong“, and is believed to bring good fortune to those who spot it.

At one point, the lizard wagged its tail and scared the family senseless.

“They say if you throw a coin at it, it will go away!” a woman said.

Around the one-minute mark, another man appears and tries using a rope to capture it.

Since Thaiyuanwong posted a photo of the reptile to his Facebook on Wednesday morning, we can believe he survived the incident.

Although we’re unsure whether or not they managed to lure in the monitor lizard, that is one heck of an intruder!

(h/t Mashable)

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