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It is almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means—it’s just a matter of time before we’re snowbound in many parts of the country.

But Norway has already gotten its first snow and this guy can’t get enough of it.

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In a YouTube video produced by Tor Ekhof,  a guy strolls around outside wearing only underwear in several inches of powdery snow.

He frolics around in the snow barefoot, drinking vodka and dancing.

Stumbling upon a bathtub—I say stumbling because to do this he had to be lit—he proceeds to chainsaw the top layer of ice and dive into the freezing water.

After finishing his subzero soak he drinks more, obviously, then rolls around in the snow.

The snowman closes the brilliantly shot video sucking down a frosty beer followed by…you guessed it, more vodka.