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So, in case you guys didn’t know where Thor was during Captain America: Civil War, turns out he was basically just chilling in Australia, living with some dude named Darryl. Thor was doing normal-dude stuff: sending emails, harassing his roommate at work, giving back to the community, developing a conspiratorial flowchart about the Infinity Stones—you know, just your regular, average, everyday activities.

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Now, with the release of Doctor Strange on Blu-ray, we’ve been treated to a part deux of the “Team Thor” roommate mockumentary. Per Gizmodo:

Accompanying the Blu-ray and digital releases of Doctor Strange will be part two of “Team Thor,” the short that explained that while his friends were all fighting each other during Captain America: Civil War, Thor was in Australia, bothering his roommate at work, setting up a conspiracy wall about the Infinity Stones, and having coffee with Bruce Banner.

In what might be construed as a Valentine’s Day-related treat for fans, Marvel has released the first minute or so of footage from this wonderful short.

Yay! It’s settled: We’re getting a servant!

Poor Darryl.

(h/t Gizmodo)