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After having enough of her unhealthy habits and a getting a not-so-subtle hint from an ex-boyfriend, Hayley Westoby found the motivation she needed to get herself in the best shape of her life.

The Aussie fitness freak had let her weight get out of control, weighing 262 pounds at her heaviest. It was then that her boyfriend at the time let her know he was concerned about her size.

“We were arguing about something silly, when at the end he told me to ‘lose some weight,'” she told the Daily Mail. “Deep down I knew he wasn’t being nasty. It was a slip of the tongue that had revealed he had genuine concerns about my size.”

So, she decided it was time to make a change. And, that’s exactly what she did.

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According to Daily Mail, she credited junk food and booze during her college days for the extreme jump in size, but it wasn’t until the mention by the ex-beau that she put things into perspective. After removing junk food and alcohol from her diet, she was amazed at how quickly the pounds began to trickle off. It doesn’t hurt that she’s obsessed with fitness and has switched to a protein-heavy diet.

She’s managed to drop 143 pounds, and she looks incredible. It also turns out that she’s now dating a new guy that she met at the gym six months ago.

Tough break for her ex.