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Ah, the Super Bowl: time for high-budget ads, ostentatious half-time performances, huge bets, about a million cold ones, and staggering, Brobdingnagian portions of food (I don’t care if you don’t know what that word means—you’re reading an article about chicken wings; look it up).

ABC News and Nielsen have the stats when it comes to how Americans, by and large, tend to gorge themselves during the big game.

Per ABC News:

Super Bowl fans are expected to consume 1.33 billion wings on Sunday, according to the National Chicken Council’s annual report. To put that staggering number into perspective: According to the NCC, the weight of those wings (166.25 million pounds) is more than 300 times the combined weight of all 32 NFL teams. Wow! And Americans are eating more wings than ever. This year’s projection is up 6.5 percent from 2015’s.

And according to Nielsen, Americans will spend:

  • $227 million on potato chips
  • $13 million on vegetable trays
  • $10 million on deli dips
  • $89 million on popcorn
  • $58 million on deli sandwiches

Remind me again, what circle of Dante’s inferno was reserved for gluttons?

(h/t ABC News)