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A gym that teaches pole dancing made an instructional video for beginners who want to learn how to please their man with a good ol’ fashioned lap dance.

Only this video is probably not what you would expect.

Sure, we have sexy lingerie, awesome tunes and rope, but sub sandwiches and onesie pajamas?

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Dressed in revealing red lingerie, a sexy blonde grooves around in front of her enthusiastic man, showing off her perfect form and seductive moves.

The video, brought to us by the DailyStar, instructs viewers to: “Dress up in your sexiest lingerie and dance to his favorite song. It’s important to set the mood.”

After she gets him worked up, she handcuffs him to his chair, then things get strange.

She smothers him with processed cheese, then straddles him and let’s out a hair-raising scream right in his face.

“Men love surprises and respond instantly to loud and aggressive stimuli,” the video explains.

She puts on onesie pajamas and devours an entire sub sandwich and chips while on the floor in front of him.

For the big finale, the dancer bends down low between the stunned guy’s legs, slithers under his chair and disappears.

Because “there is nothing sexier than a woman with mystery”.

The video – titled Sexy Lap Dance Tricks To Drive Him Wild – has been seen more than 850,000 times after it was posted to Facebook by Sydney Pole, based in the Australian city, DailyStar reports.