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The Smith and Wesson XVR 460 Magnum is the most powerful handgun on the planet.

Releasing bullets at 2,300 feet per second, the X-treme Velocity Revolver has the highest claimed velocity in a big-bore production gun, according to

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In the following video, a nice Russian chap compares the 460 Magnum with Dirty Harry’s preferred gun and previously most powerful, the .44 Magnum.

The size difference between the two is the most noticeable—the 460 is considerably larger than the .44.  The 460 shoots five bullets whereas the .44 shoots six; however, the 460’s bullets are, like the gun, much larger.

Both are loud and sting your hand when you fire them, according to the guy in the video, but the 460 does a little more damage and leaves a little bigger hole in the end.